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Volunteer Opportunities in Romania

Volunteer Opportunities in Romania

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Himmel und Erde Association

We are a nonprofit, non-governmental association based in Arad, founded upon the need for a human society and human resources development, and the desire to try and realise this need. We want to provide opportunities for those who have something to give, whether it is time, skills, know-how, experience, moral or financial support, in order to make a positive contribution to the local community.


We are a charity organisation located in Bacau (N-E Romania), dedicated to helping those in need through medical, social and educational services.

Volunteer in Childcare

The Association for Creative and Practical Education

We are a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of education in Romania

Volunteer in Animal Care

Red Panda

Animal welfare in Romania: sterilization programs, education, animal rescue

Volunteer in Conservation Work

Asociatia Ecouri Verzi

Asociatia Ecouri Verzi is a NGO from Cluj Napoca, formed by a group of young nature lovers who want to dedicate their work to biodiversity protection, nature education and the development of sustainable tourism in Transylvania.

Prospectorii Istoriei

We are history finders organisation in Romania