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Volunteer Opportunities in South Asia

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Volunteer in Teaching related activities


Pyunli was registered in Nov 2015 (Regd No-21/2015-2016) which believes in the process of social change through child education & women empowerment. Promoting volunteerism to build an international network. Area of function is a small town of Uttarakhand named Gauchar, 05 hrs drive from Rishikesh.


Kenosis Foundation (KF) is a not-for-profit organization and registered (Reg # 166/2013-2014) on 29th June 2013, under Sec.7 of the Indian Trusts Act 1882. We focus on rural areas and support women and children of widows, single moms, victims of abused and physical harassment, and disadvantaged.

Volunteer in Childcare

Volunteering With India

Volunteering With India is a NGO Non-Profit Government Organization which is registered under Rajasthan, Indian Society Registration act 1958.

Himalayan volunteering opportunities

We are a group of like minded people working together to make a change into the society through various developmental projects.

Volunteer in Animal Care

Maya Universe Academy

Maya Universe Academy is a social entrepreneurship project whose mission is to improve access to quality education to rural communities in Nepal as a response to the failed public school system and unaffordable private schools

Shankar Prasad

Yoga and Meditation Centre, Ashram and Organic Farm

Volunteer in Conservation Work

Ecoreach Foundation

We are volunteer based non-profit organization in Nepal and provide the most affordable placements for travelers in Agriculture, Environment, English teaching, Natural Resources Management and community projects.

Mana Rishikesh

Mana RishikeshWe are Rishikesh based non profit organisation working for underprivileged children,street children and local people.We are all volunteers, including the directors,staff and our colleagues,so the money we receive goes towards our charitable activities, not salaries.What motivates us?