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Volunteer Opportunities in South East Asia

Volunteer Opportunities in South East Asia

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Kep Gardens Association

Kep Gardens Association is a training center for children and youth aged from 2 to 20 in rural Cambodia committed to teaching various skills to help the local village youth gain employment.

15 Reviews

Thailand Teach

"Volunteering changes your world" - International understanding and spending time together learning with the local people in rural Thailand.

2 Reviews

Volunteer in Childcare

Activity International in Vietnam

We are local NGO in Vietnam and we provide supports to disadvantaged people at social support centers and schools.

4 Reviews


We are a Charity that provide free education for disadvantaged and vulnerable Khmer children.

3 Reviews

Volunteer in Animal Care

Sustainable Oceanic Research Conservation and Education

We are a non-profit marine research and conservation organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring marine environments through conservation, local community engagement and a forever expanding scientific understanding of the oceans.

1 Review

Lanta Animal Welfare

We are a charity dedicated to reducing pain and suffering of dogs and cats around the island of Koh Lanta and beyond.

Volunteer in Conservation Work

Kanpetlet Land Development Organization

We are a CSO working on rural development on sustainable agriculture , promoting Indigenous Human Rights, Environmental Conservation and women Empowerment through capacity building.

1 Review

Bukit Lawang Trust

We are a Conservation Education charity, working to tackle poverty and climate change through small scale local action in North Sumatra.

1 Review