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Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka

Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in Sri Lanka even though it is one of the most underrated Asian travel destinations. This country is a beautiful island nation located off the southern coast of India, and its people are known to be warm and welcoming. Sri Lanka is bordered by golden beaches with coconut tree forests, making it an irresistible destination for travellers seeking to volunteer abroad. Volunteers can get involved in a variety of projects in Sri Lanka, such as working with tea picking communities, teaching languages to children, promoting environmental causes, empowering rural communities, and more.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation

SUNFO is a non-political,non-racial and non-sectarian voluntary not for profit organization based in Sri Lanka.

Volunteer in Childcare

Lak Aruna Foundation

LakAruna was formed in 2002 with the main objective of introducing computer technology to the people of this village as a means of acquiring education and knowledge to improve their ways of living.


The KLC is a place where children, teenagers, youth and adults are able to learn how to speak, read and write in English, use modern ICT equipment and learn how to apply new media skills, explore new career opportunities to gain self- confidence and be inspired to take ownership of their lives.

Volunteer in Conservation Work


NGO working towards adaptation to climate change mitigating adverse impacts on environment and ecology.

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Tea Leaf Trust

We work with tea picking communities in Sri Lanka to help them overcome high levels of domestic violence, alcoholism and suicide through providing life changing educational courses for children and young people

Horizon Lanka Foundation

We are a non profit committed for educating children and youth in English, Spanish, French and ICT.

How to Volunteer in Sri Lanka

How to find volunteer opportunities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small Island nation of beaches, elephants, and lush green tropical forests. Many volunteer programs in the country are set in villages and remote towns that introduce travellers to unique sights and sounds. Volunteers looking for a meaningful travel opportunity can choose to teach languages and IT skills to young kids in areas such as Anuradhapura, Kekirawa and Monaraga. Sri Lanka is also a great destination for volunteers who want to get involved in environmental awareness projects.

Best time to volunteer in Sri Lanka

For such a small country, Sri Lanka has quite a complex weather system. It has two monsoon seasons and an intermediate period that experiences sporadic rain. The best time to visit the southern and western coastal region of Sri Lanka is from December to March. Travellers interested in visiting the northern and eastern coastal regions should travel between the months of April and September if they want to avoid the rainy seasons. Being close to the Equator, the temperature in Sri Lanka remains fairly steady with an average midday temperature of 26 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Essential information about Sri Lanka

Travellers who wish to volunteer abroad in Sri Lanka need two types of visas: an entry visa (which can be obtained online at www.eta.gov.lk) and an employment visa (which can be collected from the Department of Immigration in Colombo). The official languages of Sri Lanka are Sinhalese and Tamil but English is also widely spoken. This Southeast Asian nation is relatively cheap compared to western destinations. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant for one person usually costs around 1.62 USD.