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Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

There are many reasons that Thailand is such a great destination for volunteering abroad. It has so much to offer - a diverse culture, opportunities for adventure, beautiful beaches and incredible sights that will leave you speechless. It has also become a very popular travel destination for volunteers who want to work with local nonprofit organizations in Thailand. Thailand is home to amazing tropical oceans, where you can go diving and snorkeling at any spot in the country. Volunteering opportunities include teaching, animal care, forest preservation, working with the disabled, and more. Thailand’s people are eager to learn, especially the English language, so if you’re an English speaker, you can really contribute to Thailand’s growing sector of nonprofits. 

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

The Life Development Center

Experience life in rural Thailand with a group from all over the world

Chiang Mai, Thailand.
June 3 - June 16, 2018
Experience life in a rural Thai village with a group from all over the world! Support the non-profit's projects through hands-on activities including planting trees, building water dams and helping our teachers at the local village school.3-4 days, and lots more.

Volunteer in Animal Care

All for Villages

We work with the Moken Sea Gypsy Community & organize and run Sterilization Programs for homeless animals on Koh Payam, Thailand.

The Little Farm Friendly Project

If you are a cheerful person, who loves animals and are happy to live a simple way of life while learning about sustainable farming and traditional thai culture.

Volunteer in Childcare

Thailand Teach

Local volunteers working together with rural temple schools and our community in Thailand.

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Yaowawit School

Yaowawit School is providing home and quality education for children from underprivileged backgrounds.

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Volunteer in Conservation Work

The Life Development Center

We are a small Thai local non-profit based in Chiang Mai. Our mission is to improve living and environmental conditions for vulnerable tribal communities in Northern Thailand.

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Klong Toh lem Academy Foundation

The Community Foundation for the Society of Lifelong Learning.

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Minmahaw School

Minmahaw is a post-compulsory school for disadvantaged Burmese students (aged 17 - 23). It introduces the students to an international-style experiential education taught by foreign and local volunteers in an immersive English environment i.e all classes and conversations must be conducted in English.

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Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center

The Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center seeks to provide a high school education, practical vocational skills, and community development skills to high school aged children living in the Mae Hong Son Province area of Thailand.

How to Volunteer in Thailand

How to find volunteer opportunities in Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful landmarks and scenery. You can choose to volunteer in the island-flocked environment of the South, or you can explore the more isolated mountains of the North, visiting populated cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. One of the most popular volunteer opportunities in Thailand includes teaching English mostly to children but also to young Buddhist monks, who are the cornerstone of religion and spirituality in Thailand. Many volunteer programs also involve empowering Burmese migrants through education and community development. Volunteers who prefer field work can take care of animals on local farms, take part in agriculture and rural development projects, preserve mangrove forests, and much more. With such a wide range of volunteer projects to choose from, everybody can find a way to contribute to the local communities of Thailand!

Best time to volunteer in Thailand

It’s recommended to travel to Thailand during the cooler months of the year. The autumn and winter seasons in Thailand are breathtakingly cool and breezy, without being too cold, and the summer months tend to run warm. However, there is still a lot of volunteer work that can be performed and enjoyed during any time of the year! If you visit between the months of November and April, you will experience a celebration of two of Thailand’s most important holidays: Loy Krathong (The Festival of Lights), and Songkran (The New Year).

Essential information about Thailand

Thailand requires a special visa for tourists entering the country with the purpose of doing volunteer work. It is called a Non-Immigrant O Visa, and in order to apply for it, you will need a passport, two photographs, a visa application form, over $500 to your name, and a letter from your volunteer organization. The main language of the region is Thai, and many classes are available to help you communicate while you are abroad. Another incredible advantage to volunteering in Thailand is that the daily cost of living is extremely low. When backpacking, you can survive off of just $25 a day - and some small apartments cost less than $300 a month! Volunteering in Thailand is easier now than it ever has been, and the opportunities are endless!