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Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda

Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda

Uganda may be a small African nation, but it offers many exciting volunteer opportunities for those seeking a meaningful travel experience. It hides within it a diverse natural landscape: from taking a ferry ride on the Nile river to witnessing the awe-inspiring view of Lake Victoria, volunteers travelling into the depths of the country get to witness Africa at its best. Historically ravaged by genocides and conflicts, Uganda needs every bit of help it can get. Local nonprofit organizations along with the help of foreign volunteers run several community development projects to empower the vulnerable citizens of the country. Keeping the youth engaged through educational volunteer programs and sporting events is also a popular social initiative in Uganda.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

Bam animal clinics

An animal welfare/health charity organization based in Uganda.

Conservation Through Public Health

Conservation Through Public Health is a Non profit organisation that achieves biodiversity conservation by enabling people, wildlife and livestock to coexist through improving their quality of life in and around Africa's protected areas

Volunteer in Childcare

Childline Uganda

We are a charity organization working with vulnerable children and women living with HIV in Mityana district.

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We are a charity organization that empowers women, youths and children with knowledge and skills to overcome all forms of poverty

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Volunteer in Conservation Work

Rwenzori Action for Tourism Services

We are a community based organization who offers tourism services for a better and more sustainable living.

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Intercultural Development Agency

The project which is an establishment of an “Environmental Education Hub” in rural Kapir sub county of Ngora district district promotes practical local and contextualized adaptation strategies

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Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Great Lakes Peace Center

We are a youth lead organization supporting peace building efforts through youth empowerment and capacity development in all aspects of life such as health, education, vocation skills, environment education and employment creation.

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EKisande Rural Development Centre Bwera, UG

We work to empower rural poor communities through basic primary education, health, skills training and environmental conservation.

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How to Volunteer in Uganda

How to find volunteer opportunities in Uganda

Ugandan people are known to greet visitors with smiling faces and a warm heart. The capital city of Kampala hosts several volunteer programs thus attracting travellers from all over the globe. Kampala is an urban city with a beautiful hilly backdrop. The city is located near Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in Africa. This gives volunteers the opportunity to witness the beautiful natural landscape and the Ugandan city life. Other towns such as Jinja and Masaka also have several volunteer jobs that focus on providing sustainable solutions to improve the lives of the vulnerable communities.

Best time to volunteer in Uganda

Dry seasons in Uganda are considered the best times to visit the nation. The country experiences two dry seasons: one from June to August and the other one from December to February. Uganda is topographically at an elevated position, which ensures the temperature always remains comfortable and cool compared to other African nations.

Essential information about Uganda

To enter Uganda for volunteering purposes, travellers need to apply for Work Permit Class G1. This work permit is reserved for volunteers, missionaries, and nonprofit workers. To apply for this permit, volunteers need to submit two passport-sized photographs, a copy of their valid passports, criminal record reports, original appointment letters received from nonprofit organizations in Uganda, nonprofit certificates, qualification documents, and cover letters. Thanks to its colonial past, Ugandan people in the cities and towns can usually communicate in English. Compared to other African nations, Uganda is moderately expensive. For reference, a meal for one person in the city at a mid-ranged restaurant can cost 20,666 Shillings or $5.70.