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Volunteer Opportunities in Vietnam

Volunteer Opportunities in Vietnam

Vietnam has the power to intrigue, challenge, and inspire awe in anyone who chooses to visit this beautiful country. Sharing its border with Laos, Cambodia, and China, Vietnam offers a unique blend of Southeast Asian culture and cuisine. One of the many benefits of volunteering in Vietnam is that volunteers can work directly with the friendly communities, helping them overcome the many challenges they face, including poverty and illiteracy. Volunteering opportunities include health education, teaching English, animal aid and rescue, and more. This kind of impact on the local communities allows for an unforgettable and rewarding experience! Home to lush forests, virgin beaches, and vibrant local markets, the country can quench the thirst of any seasoned traveler. 

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

Volunteer with V4D

Our business focuses on education, responsible tourism and local indigenous knowledge conversation.

Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue

VAAR is a vegan rescue shelter and farm sanctuary in central Vietnam focusing on long term solutions to end animal suffering.

Volunteer in Childcare

Children's Hope In Action (CHIA)

Helping disabled and disadvantaged children in Quang Nam Province - Vietnam

3 Reviews

Activity International in Vietnam

We are a volunteer organization in Vietnam.

4 Reviews

Volunteer in Healthcare

Helen Keller International

Founded in 1915, Helen Keller International is dedicated to saving the sight of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in Vietnam. We combat the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition by establishing programs based on evidence and research in vision, health, and nutrition.

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Tuong Lai Centre for Health Education and Community Development

We are a nonprofit organization working to benefit children and young people of some aspects, such as education, water, rural development, consultancy, human rights, children rights, life skills, self-protection skills, etc. in Vietnam

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Oxford Omnia - Matteo Bertero English Centre

We are a transnational non-profit organization with a mission to support a young adults-led and community-based approach to advance human rights, international development, education, nonviolence, food security, and to relieve poverty for vulnerable groups

Coins for Change Vietnam

Coins For Change Vietnam is an organization that aids marginalized women and children throughout Vietnam by providing business and educational support through two projects, The Empowerment Plan and Teach for Change.

How to Volunteer in Vietnam

How to find volunteer opportunities in Vietnam

Presenting a meaningful travel opportunity, Vietnam takes volunteers to cities and remote areas enriched with history, customs and (delicious!) food. On a fast-track to recovery, Vietnam needs help in all aspects of life. The country has a shortage of English teachers and teachers in general. Teaching underprivileged kids and adults is thus one of the most widely available volunteering opportunities. Most projects are based out of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but those willing to travel to the mountains in the north can also work with ethnic minorities. Besides education, there are many other fields to volunteer in, such as healthcare, animal care, etc.

Best time to volunteer in Vietnam

Situated near the equator, Vietnam enjoys a tropical climate. Summers are hot and humid with the temperature reaching 30 degrees Celsius, whereas the moderate weather of spring (March-April) and autumn (September–December) makes them more popular seasons for travellers. If you can be in Vietnam during Tet, the country's most celebrated holiday, it would of course be a unique cultural experience! However, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities year-round, so the climate should not deter people from contributing to a meaningful project.

Essential information about Vietnam

Make sure to apply for the right visa when planning a trip abroad to Vietnam! According to the regulations, foreigners who enter the country for volunteering purposes will need a NN3 visa which can be acquired from Vietnamese embassies. You will need to present a valid passport, a photo, an application form and a visa approval letter from the nonprofit that is organizing the project. As for the spoken language, most locals in cities can communicate in English. In remote rural areas, however, people may speak only Vietnamese. Much like other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is pretty cheap. Daily travel expenses, including food and accommodation are usually around 20 to 30 USD.