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Volunteer Abroad in Human Rights Work

The Association is a nonprofit, charitable and independent organization of citizens and professionals, as well as other experts dealing with research of neurological and sensory disorders, and developing of individual and collective treatments for multi-sensory integration

resocialisation of ex-convicts

Alliance for Women Advancement was founded in 2012 as a national nongovernmental organization in Liberia, aimed at addressing some of the numerous challenges that compromise the rights, well-being and advancement of girls and women.

Is aiming to improve the standard of living of the people in a community by planning on the utilization of the available resources and guiding on the implementation of the plans to achieve the best social services in Tanzania.

We provide Pro Bono legal services to women who lack the means to defend their rights in court and before other administrative authorities thus bridging the gap between women and justice.

We are a Pan African organization promoting transparency and accountability in financing electoral campaigns and political parties as one of the ways of contributing towards building electoral integrity in Uganda.

Wecef Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.
We are a charity working to benefit female ex convicts reintegrate back into society in Kenya.

We are non-profit organization seeking to support local communities in transition processes


Timergara, Pakistan, Central Asia.
we are working huumanitarily in pakistan since 2005.

A women's and youth faith based membership organization working on women and girls rights