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Volunteer Abroad in Human Rights Work

Minga House

Help other volunteers and travelers find internships in the Coffee Region of Colombia!

Chinchiná, Colombia, South America.
67% response rate , 11 hour(s) response time.
Travel with a Purpose!

Associação representativa do Povo Huni Kui no Brasil

We are a democratic research organization working for democratic strengthen and development of society.

We are NGO dealing with Gender issues and Development


Help Empower the Women in South Sudan!

We are a women's non-profit grass root organisation that is working towards attaining sound gender equality through empowerment of girls and women.

We're a Community Based organisation supporting young mothers and teenagers at-risk of anti-social behaviours

We run a 15-month Intensive Arts & Social Sciences College Program in Taunggyi, Myanmar

To help save the lives and nurture the growth of the world`s most vulnerable young children by providing urgent needs, food, medicine, child care and other vital necessities, that ensure children`s survival and facilitate physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth.

We are an educational Center working in Hebron, Palestine

We are a non-profit organization working for the improvement in the quality of life of marginalized women and children. Our focus is also to train and develop youngsters in the rural and urban area.

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