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Volunteer Abroad in Human Rights Work

Art in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.
We are NGO performing variety of community services in Tanzania

Associação representativa do Povo Huni Kui no Brasil

Enhancing woman participation in Development Intervention.

Reaching out to the Deaf community by use of sign language


We are a nonprofit supporting youth, children, girls and women development in Africa

Initiatives for Peace and Human Rights (iPeace) is a local organization that strives to enhance the culture of peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo through human rights and good governance education.

Believe in tomorrow community empowerment foundation (BETEF) was established in the year 2013 by an initiative of SOCIAL CONCERNING YOUTHS as a VOLUNTARY Non-governmental organization with an aim to uplift and change the life scripts of the poor communities in their home communities.

iMass Innovation human right and Education is a vital basic human right enshrined in several international and national protocols, conventions and treaties and needs to be observed and exercised with utmost commitment. The efforts being made by the government of Ghana to ensure universal basic educa

We are a nonprofit organization working for children and youth through the enhancement of their skills in art, culture, sports, etc.

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