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Volunteer in Uganda in Childcare

Our main focus is helping the poorest help themselves. We do these by empowering the different groups affected like; orphaned and vulnerable children, disabled, HIV infected, elderly persons, disadvantaged youth, widows, single and child mothers.

we are a non profit community based organisation very committed to helping our people in have life to all its fullest in Kyanamuka subcounty in Masaka District in Uganda.

We work with the rural communities to improve their standards and conditions of living through implementing sustainable community based program.

We are not for profit organization


SOROTI, Uganda, Africa.
Life Changing Community Empowerment Advocacy Organisation

Community Base Organasation

Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission (CALM Africa) is a non-profit charitable organisation, focusing on the promotion, observance and protection of the rights of the child in general, and concerned with the plight of vulnerable children in particular.

We are a charity that helps vulnerable children, youth and women to access basic needs like education, health, clean water and sanitation among others.

We are christian non governement organixation benefiting education,nutrition and food security ,and social economic empowerment among orphans and their families

African ark development foundation Uganda is community based organizational founded to help local communities in education for development to realize changes for growth and publicity to reduce poverty in the area.

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