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Volunteer in Central America for the Environment

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Reserva Playa Tortuga is a non-profit biological research and education center formed in 2009 by community members (“citizen scientists”) and Costa Rican scientists.

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NGO that offers adventurous hikes to volcanoes to support at-risk kids in Leon, Nicaragua.

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We are a registered Canadian charitable organization, not-for-profit, who own and operate Cano Palma Biological Station in Costa Rica (www.coterc.org).

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Richmond Vale Academy is a non for profit based in one of the poorest nations in the Caribbean. At Richmond Vale Academy we believe that poverty is the biggest social problem of our time and by joining together we can make the World a better place for all.

Community-based conservation of marine resources through science, education and sustainable tourism

scientific dissemination, marginalized rural communities, popular art rescue

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La Tortuga Feliz offers an affordable turtle conservation program in Costa Rica, whose aim is the protection of sea turtles with the help of volunteers. The participation of volunteers contribute to the improvement of the living conditions and education of the local inhabitants.

Environmental education projects in wilderness protected areas.
Bringing Value to Society through Ecology, Sport and Culture.

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We strive to protect the tropical montane cloud forest and its biodiversity.

We provide the tools and support necessary to empower low-income communities in Nicaragua through education.

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