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Volunteer in South America in Women Empowerment

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Solidasur is a colombian non profit organization funded before 16 years. We work in enviroment conservation, empowerment local communities and agriculture in the Amazonas, Andes , Pacific and Caribe zones . We offer volunteer opportunities and high impact learning

Associação representativa do Povo Huni Kui no Brasil

We help the social, economic and cultural development of indigenous communities in Venezuela

Habitat para la Humanidad Argentina works through families and communities empowerment in order to improve access to adequate housing in vulnerable population in rural and urban areas.

we are a charity working for better chances for children in the slums, and giving women a chance to get out of extreme poverty in the countrysite

Pacha Mama Institute strengthens capacities for citizen participation

We are a charity focused on health promotion and disease prevention through our project CESAPU - Centro de Salud Pública..

We are a charity working to empower girls in Bogota, Colombia.

We create experiences of cultural exchange for children from marginal urban areas

Desarroollo integral de comunidades vulnerables

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