Volunteer Travel Plans

Volunteer Travel Plans

Check out the latest travel plans that volunteers have chosen to share with the GivingWay community; see where they're going and if you’d like to join as well!
Reuben Murituh applied to volunteer with Enkusero Sampu Conservancy in Kenya
Updated 5 hours 46 minutes ago
"Volunteering and Passion go hand in hand. I have a passion for wild animals and thus i decided to volunteer myself to care for the lovely animals."
Enkusero Sampu Conservancy

T A Emran Mridha applied to volunteer with Forum For Development Association (FFDA) in Bangladesh
Updated 6 hours 16 minutes ago
Forum For Development Association (FFDA)

Alfred Ndayizeye applied to volunteer with One Heart Christian Foundation in South Africa
Updated 14 hours 23 minutes ago
One Heart Christian Foundation

Vanessa Segurado was approved to volunteer with Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation in Kenya
Updated 17 hours 27 minutes ago
"Dear Safisha, I am a financial manager owner of a waste manager business. I have 2 weeks available during Christmas and New Year that would like to apply in a good cause. I can apply my help in what you feel is most needed. I though fund raising could be match with my skills. Please let me know if it i can be of good help, Attentively Vanessa Segurado I "
Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

Christine Specialny applied to volunteer with Good Neighbors República Dominicana in Dominican Republic
Updated 2 days ago
Good Neighbors República Dominicana

Aida Acevedo applied to volunteer with MySmallHelp Peru in Peru
Updated 3 days ago
"I'd like to contribute a better word with my career and my experiences. I choose Perú because is Latin America, so iit´s near to my country and I can share the knowledge that I'll get for to help to reduce poverty in Colombia."
MySmallHelp Peru

Reuben Murituh applied to volunteer with Amatsiko Organisation in Uganda
Updated 4 days ago
"Volunteering comes from ones soul. It is my passion to help others."
Amatsiko Organisation

Reuben Murituh was approved to volunteer with Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS. in Tanzania
Updated 4 days ago
"I love volunteering and helping"
Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Updated 4 days ago
"Life is all about sharing with others. By volunteering, i share my skills with others from rural communities in Kenya. I hope by the end of my volunteering period, i will have impacted the lives of various humble Kenyan rural areas to become national and global leaders. This is the only way we can contribute to our country's vision 2030."

Reuben Murituh applied to volunteer with Lola Kenya Screen in Kenya
Updated 4 days ago
"We live in a world where its what we do that defines who we really are. I recently rediscovered myself and realized that its only by volunteering, i feel happy. When i move into the world, to new places and assist communities disadvantaged than i am, i feel amazing. Its your time to wake up and join me in doing voluntary work, its probably your passion like it is for my case."
Lola Kenya Screen

Tuku Chakma was approved to volunteer with Khmer New Generation Organization in Cambodia
Updated 5 days ago
"i am interstted"
Khmer New Generation Organization

Carlos Altino applied to volunteer with Manna Project International in Nicaragua
Updated 5 days ago
"Best opportunity to improve education, the foundation of a well developed society, helping them achieve their personal goals and giving them a better quality of life."
Manna Project International

Katterine Garcia applied to volunteer with Casa do Caminho in Brazil
Updated 6 days ago
Casa do Caminho

Jasson Albert applied to volunteer with Equipo Tora Carey in Costa Rica
Updated 7 days ago
"I plan to voluntieer because voluntieering changes the world a better place."
Equipo Tora Carey

Escartte Ortega applied to volunteer with Save the Wild Chinchillas in Chile
Updated 8 days ago
Save the Wild Chinchillas

Updated 11 days ago
"helping ideas to the people , cleaning the place."
Action for Environmental Sustainability (AfES)

Kristell Camacho applied to volunteer with Casa do Caminho in Brazil
Updated 13 days ago
"Hi I am Kristell Camacho I am an English teacher I would like to help in projects where I could help children in their learning of a foreing la guate. I could teach English or spanish. "
Casa do Caminho

applied to volunteer with Alianza Arkana in Peru
Updated 16 days ago
"I see that you are in need of a web designer/graphics. I have these skills. I'm retired and have the time. I believe in giving back to those in need as a way of being thankful for the blessings in my life. I also have a personal interest to improve my Spanish language skills. Currently, I speak fluent Portuguese and basic Spanish. I understand Spanish fairly well. My primary language is english of course."
Alianza Arkana

Kelli Doty applied to volunteer with ALIORE Worldwide workshops in France
Updated 16 days ago
ALIORE Worldwide workshops

Arturo Arbelaez is going to volunteer with Lubicka Sport Club in Hungary
Updated 18 days ago
Lubicka Sport Club

Shounny Scarlet Moreno was approved to volunteer with Kibbutz movement in Israel
Updated 18 days ago
"Hola, buenas noches realmente me encantaría la idea de formar parte de su equipo de voluntariado por un año porque quisiera aprender muchas cosas, me encanta participar en voluntariado mi número de teléfono es +507 69193008 gracias por leer mi mensaje "
Kibbutz movement

Frans Laxman Versteijnen applied to volunteer with NET Foundation in Thailand
Updated 18 days ago
"Would like to come for a first try out in Januari, Was a volunteer for many years in Nepal and India, Have experience with organic food, organic house building and starting projects with refugees and minorities in rural places in Asia, Since I have become a resident of Thailand I have learned to read and write Thai language for 2 years now. And I am ready to start doing what I used to do in India and Nepal. At the moment I live in Samut Prakaan. Looking forward to meet you in Januari, Frans Versteijnen, newlaxmannl@gmail.com"
NET Foundation

Dewan Juwel applied to volunteer with All Life Matters Association - A.L.M.A. in Romania
Updated 21 days ago
"I want to hard work.Also i want to work for poor people."
All Life Matters Association - A.L.M.A.

Ilias Ahmed applied to volunteer with Films 4 Peace Foundation in Bangladesh
Updated 23 days ago
"My volunteering plan is set on my next vacation to Bangladesh. I can help the volunteering organization that I have chosen to build their shooting script and the idea to produce a powerful documentary. "
Films 4 Peace Foundation

Nubia Palacios applied to volunteer with Pyunli in India
Updated 25 days ago
"it is an honor for me to be able to volunteer, since I like to give all of my wings people who need some education or culture change I am a very calm person and I know that it brings us very well"