Volunteer Travel Plans

Volunteer Travel Plans

Check out the latest travel plans that volunteers have chosen to share with the GivingWay community; see where they're going and if you’d like to join as well!
Dawud-El applied to volunteer with CASA VOLUNTARY WORK MOROCCO in Morocco
Updated on 05/03/2018
"Teacher, Road Traffic, Faith Wellness "

joaquin fernandez is going to volunteer with Florida Kids Helping Kids in United States
Updated on 04/03/2018
Florida Kids Helping Kids

joaquin fernandez applied to volunteer with GUYANA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK, INC. in United States
Updated on 04/03/2018

Updated on 02/03/2018
"Para ayudar a otros y crecer en aprendizaje "
The Light and Leadership Initiative

Updated on 02/03/2018
"I would like to teach, mentor, and take part in any other community development work that your organization may indent to take part in."
Global eSchools and Communities Initiative

Asif Khan applied to volunteer with Enaya Development Foundation in Yemen
Updated on 28/02/2018
"I want to work as a volunteer for those people who suffer with this situation I want to give some funds which me and my friends my relatives collect together to give away to those people"
Enaya Development Foundation

diego casas was approved to volunteer with Change For Development in Nepal
Updated on 23/02/2018
Change For Development

VERONICA ROSAS was approved to volunteer with Tibet World in India
Updated on 23/02/2018
"It is based on their needs, that we are all one big soul"
Tibet World

Silvia Rivera applied to volunteer with FUNIFELT International Foundation in Colombia
Updated on 21/02/2018
"Plan de Voluntario"
FUNIFELT International Foundation

Gwénaëlle Veuillet-Nuncie was approved to volunteer with Esperanza Verde International in Peru
Updated on 21/02/2018
Esperanza Verde International

Gaya Moshy applied to volunteer with Universal ministry of Africa International in Tanzania
Updated on 20/02/2018
"my plan is to educate young girls and boys on how to conserve and protect the environment and the advantages of conserving the natural environment to eradicate the rate of poverty."
Universal ministry of Africa International

German alegrias quevedo applied to volunteer with sharp in Pakistan
Updated on 20/02/2018
"I am a lover of art and aware of the unification of the planet.. It's a good opportunity to use my capabilities"

romina sauhc is going to volunteer with Ecoreach Foundation in Nepal
Updated on 19/02/2018
Ecoreach Foundation

Updated on 19/02/2018
"I am planned to teach youth about ICT, Lets growth together in this digital's generation "
Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS

Silvia Peña was approved to volunteer with Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa
Updated on 19/02/2018
" I would like to help in everything, I'm Silvia, 31 years old and I work with animals in Spain but not with monkeys but I would like to start doing it because I love all animals, I need help the animals ! SILVIA."
Vervet Monkey Foundation

Gaya Moshy applied to volunteer with Tai Tanzania in Tanzania
Updated on 18/02/2018
"my plan is to educate young girls and boys on how to conserve and protect natural environment for current and future use in order to reduce the rate of poverty in our societies."
Tai Tanzania

Sarah Binns was approved to volunteer with Children's Hope In Action (CHIA) in Vietnam
Updated on 16/02/2018
"Dear Jules and Nadia, I have applied to this organisation who work with disadvantaged children in Hoi Anh in Vietnam. Sounds really good. Sarah"
Children's Hope In Action (CHIA)

kone ibrahim applied to volunteer with Association "Help with the power of Art” in Slovenia
Updated on 15/02/2018
"Hello to you, thank you for the opportunity you offer. first I will visit concern place for rental then I will follow the action plan set up to be active. Finally I will prevent and advise that art still exists in our society"
Association "Help with the power of Art”

Josue Calev applied to volunteer with Lanta Animal Welfare in Thailand
Updated on 11/02/2018
"EL proyecto consta en un registeo audivisual de todo el voluntariado para crear conciencia de la vida animal. "
Lanta Animal Welfare

Facundo Cardoso applied to volunteer with Al-Quran Public School in Pakistan
Updated on 10/02/2018
Al-Quran Public School

MAITE VIVIANA applied to volunteer with MySmallHelp Peru in Peru
Updated on 08/02/2018
"Una gran oportunidad de ayudar a mi gente. Muy ansiosa de que el tiempo pase rápido y compartir mis habilidades."
MySmallHelp Peru

Luis Ernan Paqui Sarango applied to volunteer with Great Baikal Trail Non-Profit Organization in Russian Federation
Updated on 08/02/2018
"me gusta viajar y explorar el mundo y amor la naturaleza y su belleza "
Great Baikal Trail Non-Profit Organization

Núbia Mesquita applied to volunteer with ANU - Making Change in Israel
Updated on 08/02/2018
"I think volunteering is a great experience to everyone and specially a great opportunity to be closer to the culture and people of different parts of the world. It is also an exchange experience as I will not only learn but also teach about my country and share my knowledge. "
ANU - Making Change

Andres Melendez applied to volunteer with Honduras Child Alliance in Honduras
Updated on 03/02/2018
Honduras Child Alliance

Updated on 31/01/2018
"I am a visual artist ... my name is margela son .... and I work with many materials .... I am dedicated and I am afkm of doing this voluntarism ... I wish to add myself in this volunteering .... exchanging work for accommodation and food ...... please get in touch .. if there is a vacancy for me .... I am ready to travel.espero news"
Girls Empowered by Travel