The GivingWay Team

Our Team

We're a group that loves to travel, meet new people and visit exciting places. We've collectively traveled through 73 countries, spent 6.3 years volunteering around the world and bravely defeated one fierce alpaca.

We speak 8 languages (6 of them by Thy alone), we run 190 miles a month (and by "we" we mean Alon) and we really don't like eating eggplant (no offense to eggplants). One of our happiest moments was when an appreciative sanctuary in South Africa named a newborn ape after our community manager.

We really love what we do.
Orit Strauss
Founder & CEO
Alon Elish
Founder & CTO
Gigi Levy-Weiss
Lisa Zigel
Head of Marketing
Brittney Hofbauer
Community Manager
Thy Doan
Customer Support Manager
Ben Carp
Dr. Brigitte Mohn
Advisory Board Member
Norie Quintos
Advisory Board Member
Casey Fenton
Advisory Board Member
Natalie Jesionka
Advisory Board Member
Benny Arbel
Advisory Board Member

Brittney and the Fierce Alpaca